Sunday, 29 November 2009


Get your Astroducky Forecast - and let the stars be your guiding lights and make 2010 as easy and successful as it can be!

Forecasts are written for each of the Sun signs. Each is 4 pages long and covers:
  • Your best times for love
  • Work and money forecasts and contingency planning
  • Your best times to take a holiday
  • A picture of what 2010 means for your Sun sign and your personal growth
  • The forecast also includes a month-by-month calendar of when to get things started and when to hold back in all areas of life

  • The cost is £35 per forecast
  • Payable by Paypal
  • You'll receive a receipt as soon as your payment has cleared
  • The forecast/s will be emailed to you by Christmas Eve. If it's for a friend let me know and we can email to them direct.

To order:

Email with your Sun sign details. Paypal account info will then be sent to you for payment. Happy to send over a sample from 2009 so you can see what you'll be getting.

Any questions, just get in touch,